Pay What You Want Info for PROMOTERS / PERFORMERS

Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or Pay What You Want at the venue.
A Ticket model that bridges the gap between Paid and Free shows
– A busy Free show can become hard to administer.
– Whereas a busy PWYW show effectively becomes a Paid show with less risk
– It works like papering a Paid show only you can also bucket the audience at the end like a Free show…
Easy to Administer 
– Simply let ticketed punters in first and then if there is any space left let in the ‘PWYW’ queue
– Easy Bucket Speach – “Some of you have already paid £x, thank you. The rest know how much you need to pop in the bucket…”  – and generally they do…
– It creates extra income to pay for someone to help you manage queues
– You can predict how busy a show will be and plan accordingly
– Makes it easier to manage industry and press entry lists and know who has been in
– Punters can pay to avoid queuing for shows that they really want to see
– Punters value PWYW shows more and donate more than Free shows – typically twice as much.
– We have also found that people who have bought tickets are also quite happy to tip at the end of shows they have really enjoyed.
EDINBURGH FRINGE – Register as a ticketed / paid show and then also add
PROGRAM / WEB COPY – you can also use “” at the end of your show description and web description (which will point people to the punters page on this site)
TICKETING  Is this a ticked show? – YES
DATELINE  Is the Dateline Free? – NO

Tell them your show is PWYW and they will add the following text in the program:
Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or Pay What You Want at the venue…”

N.B. PWYW Shows are Not FREE – And FREE Shows are Not PWYW
They are different things – lets not confuse punters
For a show to be PWYW – you need to be also be able to also buy a ticket in advance
– Please don’t use “Pay What You Want” to describe Free shows
– Also If your show is PWYW – you do not need to use the words FREE in the text and on promo.

PWYW Information for PUNTERS:


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